Wonder how I got here

I am worn out, alone and tired.  Here in the middle of the country.  No family, friends or support. 

Don’t get me wrong….I am thankful for my daughter and sons.  But being completely alone with everything falling on me is hard.  I can’t go home or be around those I used to know because I can not have my husband find us.  Shit would hit the fan and I probably wouldn’t make it out alive. 

So…here I am.  Here I will stay until I work stuff out and get myself in a position where I can take care of stuff on my own again.  

Just need to believe that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.  Just need to work toward mg goals,take care itself and the babies,and get stuff where it needs to be.



  1. I am sorry you find yourself away from your family and have no one there you can go to without putting them at risk. Please remember that you can reach out to any of us here for emotional support any time you need to. Don’t hesitate to ask our help seeking resources and please reach out to some mothers here on WordPress who overcame abuse. Their advice will be invaluable to you.

    You are remarkably strong and brave to do this. You deserve so much better than what you have been through. It will get easier, so please keep fighting through.

  2. my heart breaks for you but I am also so joyful that you and the babies are safe. Family will be there and the “good” ones will understand why you had to stay away. Please be safe. You are stronger than you know. You have support here on WP and even though we do not know each other we are sisters in a sad club and we have each others backs….try to smile, every day without abuse is a good day…

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