Stepping out of my comfort zome

I  have been talking to a guy I met online for a few months.  He is amazing.  He has custody of his 2 year old daughter.  This man truly is the sweetest person I have talked to.  No red flags, no drug use, no anger that I’ve seen, no jealousy or irrational talk.

Anyway he drove 4 hours with his daughter to come see me last night.  We met at Burger King and then we spent the night at a hotel together.

It was nice.  He was amazing,sweet, kind.  He didn’t scare me,try anything funky, yell or get mad at all.  We discussed no drugs, sex, or drinking and that is how it went.

I know I put myself at risk,I had my knife ready to go.  But didn’t have to think about using it.  I am really glad it went well, that I stepped out of my comfort zone and that I saw that not all guys are bad.

I did have a hard time mentally though.  Lots of panic attacks,high anxiety.  But I overcame my fear of hotels, men, being alone with someone.  So I am proud of myself.  I have no regrets…it was a good thing to do.

Not something I plan on doing again.  But all in all.  It was a good thing. 


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