When time stands still

When time stands still I see your face.  I remember a time we lived without fear.  A time when I would have done anything for you, forgiven all, forgot all hurts and even died that you would live.
I remember seeing the good in you that not one other soul could see.  I saw past your outside shell to who you were inside, I saw the man God made you to be.

You were loving, you were kind, you did not brag, you did not hold grudges or talk bad about others.

In mg heart, you were all I wanted and all I needed.  I knew that until the day I died I would be yours.  But things were never what I thought.

I lived in a fantasy.  A world within a world.  I ignored the bad and built the good into a huge ordeal. 

I caused the world to stand still….so I could see your face.  So I could have your love, so I could see your face and smile.

But now….when the world stands still and I see your face…I no longer smile.

I am sorry that I couldn’t hold on tight enough.  I am sorry I couldn’t stop the world from turning a few more says so we could smile together again.


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