Interview for apartment

I have my interview for my apartment tomorrow.  So Tuesday, I should know if it is mine.

I am excited, but nervous.  Trying not to get my hopes up too much.  I do have a few evictions from when my husband and I were on the lease together.

I am just going to be honest, explain the situation.  That I am now on my own, responsible and that I have left an abusive situation and have done all I can to be free of the situation.  The worst that can happen is that I am left in the same situation.  The best would be that they would have compassion and give me and my children a chance.

Please wish me luck.  Pray for me.  Whatever you do…thank you.  Pray that God gives me the words and that he puts it in the owners mind to have empathy and understanding.

I really need this.  I need to have a home for my children.  I need to do for me and my own and an apartment is the first step.

Thank you.



  1. I will pray for you. I was in the same situation and I found that most people, even if they dont care, do not have the heart to say no to a survivor of DV. I always say something like please do not punish me for the bad decisions and actions of my ex-husband. All I want is a safe home to raise my children. I understand the concerns that you may have, but please let me prove to you what a great choice it will be for you to have me as a tenant.
    Good luck!!!!!

  2. Once I am able to save enough money (because I make too much to qualify for ANY aid, but my credit is destroyed, I have no checking accounts, and am paying a mountain of debt from him), I am worried this will be a problem for me as well. There are four evictions for us. I am hoping that someone will be kind about it. Saying what Abby suggested is a good idea. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Let us know.

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