Today…the same situation…a little bettef


Well…it didn’t snow lash night.  Not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

Anyway….same situation.  Housing is probably  a no go due to evictions.  Still waiting to see if I can get legal aid for my divorce.  Still have no job.  Still in the shelter with no car and a suspended license.
But…I am not as sad…not as depressed.  I am almost feeling normal.  Just kinda here…taking things day to do.  Such is life sometimes…
I talked to an old friend of mine last night and she listened, supported me and let me know she cared.  It was simple…but meant a lot to me.  It is good to have someone, a friend, someone you trust.  I am thankful for her friendship and the fact that after all this time….she still is willing to be my friend. 


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