11 days of blogging

Not a bad start….I have blogged everyday since I started the blog in November 6th.  I normally don’t stick to anything that consistently. 

Starting tomorrow….I need to do the following everyday for at least 11 days as well.

1.  Read the Bible and pray.
2.  Workout besides walking.  Abs and core one day, legs and arms the next.
3.  Go to sleep at a reasonable hour.  No later than 1030….given the fact the kids are usually awake by 7am.
4.  Keep my food diary updated with all my intake.
5.  Keep within my calorie budget 6 days a week.  1 day I will allow myself to go over 200 calories.

Other to do`s for this week:
1.  Full out and turn in my stack of applications by Friday.
2.  Go to my new councilor on Monday.
3.  Call all the daycare places to see if they have openings for 3 (or even 2) children.
4.  Get a straight yes/no from the apartment.

Not too much…but all must be done.


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