I need to take care of me

I was told by my friend (my husbands best friend and our childrens God father) that I shouldn’t keep the kids from my husband.  He stated that he resents his mom for keeping him from his drug addict father….so I shouldn’t do the same thing.

Now…this friend doesn’t know the while situation.  He threw it in my face that when be asked a while back if my husband was in drugs or if he hurt me and I said no.  Got me all worked up, frustrated, annoyed and like I needed to justify my actions.  But I let it be…not my place to get into details with this person.

Anyway…it has been a few hours and I have calmed down.  I know I am not doing the wrong thing, plus my husband hasn’t even attempted to see the kids (he knows his dad can call me).  I need to take care of me and my kids…and that is all that matters really.  I owe that to myself, to my kids.  I owe him nothing…not even an explanation.

I can not make everyone happy, not everyone will agree with my choices…and truly that is ok.   More importantly I am ok with others not understanding or criticizing my choices.  That is a huge step for me.

I really am ok with it.  I am not trying to hurt my husband, he put us in this situation.  I am simply trying to take care of myself and my babies.

No regrets.  I know I am doing the only thing I can right now.


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  1. Abusers create the situation and accept no responsibility for it. You’ve described a classic tactic – involving as many people as possible in exerting pressure on you. Using children to get to you. Turning up the guilt however he can. You have exactly the right attitude, and you are doing the right thing!

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