My view.  I have not lived in a place where the trees drop their leaves, where it snows, where ice is common.  Except when I was 7…but that doesn’t count since I do not remember it.

Anyway…it is chilly, we are expecting snow on Sunday, just about all the trees are bare.  I have relaxed today…taken care of me and the kids.  With no worries, I am ok.

I am ok with me, with where I love right now, with my life as it is.  I am actually at peace right now and for the life of me…I can not name one worry I have had stuck in my head today.  It is strange to say that….almost unnatural.  But it is amazing.  Not sure what happened to make this change, not sure if it will stick…but I hope it does.  I truly hope I can move toward my goals…with peace, contentment and a belief that things are ok and they will get better for me and my children.


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