Going to the city

Haha  I just wanted to say that.  Never lives in a place where saying that would make sense.  After living in Phoenix/Tempe/Mesa for 25 years and never really living anywhere else that really mattered you don’t really think about how life is outside the big city.

Simply coming to Missouri was culture shock.  Towns of 21k?!?  Towns of 8k with no Walmart?!?  Towns of 2k?!?  That is the size of a high school…
Anyway…I am 15 minutes outside of town.  On an actual country road.  Lol  I have not left this shelter since I stepped foot in on Thursday.  So I am excited to get out….even though it is so I can go to urgent care for my tooth abscess and pain.  It’s alright. I will get antibiotics…the pain will leave and I will be ok again.  🙂

Hmm..kinda seems like day 4 of happiness.  Don’t want to speak too early….but I think it is day 4.

So…do people actually wake up this way?  Are they actually happy to be alive, content,and ready to take in the day?

Just got a thought….maybe im not happy.  Maybe I just don’t have anything worse going on.  Guess the yeah of happiness would to see how I handle stress and a awful day.  But this tooth pain is a killer….my jaw is swollen and you can see the red on the outside of my cheek.  So by no means is everything ok.

Eh…no point in overthinking.  I am just fine.


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