My toy…and freedon


I bought myself a Bopit Extreme2 from a consignment store and I am ecstatic.  I loved the Bopit when I was little and have wanted another one for 10 years.  Kind of a long time to want something so silly and simple.

Anyway…my husband refused to let me get one.  If I touched one at Walmart he would get mad at make me put it down or he’s put it on a high shelf after taking it from me.  Never would even let me use it for a minute.  I asked for one for Christmas…tried to but myself one etc….but I was forbidden to use or have one.

I promised not to play when he was home, or if the house was dirty etc.  But it didn’t matter…it was a unneeded distraction that I was not allowed.  At first I thought it was silly and kinda cute how he was acting….after all what adult would tell their girlfriend, then fiance then finally wife that they couldn’t have a simple toy.  Didn’t make since.  Especially when I was buying him playstation 3s  (four of them to be exact….because he kept pawning them for drugs or gas money) and 60 dollar games first that he would play for 8 hours straight, sit at home and not work or clean.  In fact the house was usually dirtier when I came home.

So…he couldn’t have been serious about me not having a Bopit…but he was.

Anyway….the point is I finally got one.  And in such a simple way it makes me happy.  I don’t play it much…maybe 5 to 10 minutes 3 days a week.  But having it…the freedom it represents is want makes me smile.  I didn’t even have to have a good reason for getting it besides that fact I wanted it. 


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  1. My dear, why should you need a reason to get something sometimes? Sometimes, something small like this, especially in our cases, can be such a major thing… for like you said, it is tangible proof of your freedom. So enjoy it no matter how many times you play it. 🙂

    I understand about him selling the PS3s for drugs. I lost a gamecube, DVDs, CDs, a digital camera, a webcam I wanted to return, software, and he almost sold the laptop once. It was always things I bought that were pawned, as though my efforts were worth no more than some rock to him. In time, he even started selling off my clothes and shoes to female dealers. So for us being able to have these little things has so much extra meaning for us. Again, enjoy 🙂

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