Let go of a little but of fear

My oldest son LOVES his NaNa.  He has one of nubile phones that he used to talk to her on and he is always wanting to talk to her.  When he sees the phone he brings it to me and asks me to call NaNa for him.    He did that tonight…and i unblocked my number and called her for him.  They talked for a few minutes and then I takes to her…told her I was calling from my number and sent her about 15 pictures of the grandkids. 

I am not exactly sure why when I got the restraining order I was so dead on not letting her know my number….besides I thought mine she would give it to him and let him violate the restraining order. 

Plus…I didn’t want to jeopardize our safety.  Her simply having my number…doesn’t hurt anything I don’t thing.  If something changes
..I can change the number.

I thing letting go of some of the fear and paranoia is good for me as long as I am still safe.  A phone call can’t hurt me.


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