Grilled Cheese

There are some moments in life you will always remember.  Now…I am not a very good cook.  I can follow a recipe…and bake, but coming up with big fancy meals isn’t me.

Anyway…my husband is an excellent cook.  His dad owns a restaurant and catering business, so it kinda runs in the family.  My husband is a firm believer that preparing food is a way to show love.

One day he was playing Call of Duty and I made myself a grilled cheese.  He asked me to make him one, so I did.  I brought it to him and he said “thank you” and proceeded to play the game.  After about a half hour, he decided to eat the grilled cheese.  He took one bite and said “What the fuck is this bath thing?”  and hurled it across the living room almost hitting me with it.  I stood there dumbfounded.  He continued to rant and race asking me why I can’t make a grilled cheese, how much cheese I put on it, why the cheese wasn’t melted.  He kept expressing his disgust over the fact I can’t cook, that I was being lazy and that I was trying to piss him off.  This whole episode lasted over a half hour…leaving me feeling like crap and apologizing way too many times.

Now…in my defense…it was NOT a bad grilled cheese, it wasn’t burnt or soggy.  It was just right.  But when he left it sit…the cheese hardened back up and it got cold.

Every time someone offers to make me a grilled cheese I am soooo tempted to reenact how he acted.  Just to see their reaction…and to see if I still have the whole acting thing down.  I wouldn’t let it go on more than a minute…but I would like to see their reaction.

Seriously…who does that?  We had been getting along and there was no reason I can think of to overreact so badly.  Then to make me feel sooooo bad about myself for making him what he asked for.

Now…I find it kinda laughable.  There is no anger or resentment.  Simply don’t get it…and as time goes on I am realizing and accepting that since I so not think how he does…I will never understand.  And that is on with me.

Still…some poor lady might get a grilled cheese thrown at her.  But I don’t want to make someone actually sad or really hurt their feelings…



  1. please do not apologize for his actions. Please believe and in time I hope that you realize that his actions have absolutly nothing to do with you! He would have acted like an ass no matter what. Thats the thing with these men. It has nothing to really do with us and EVERYTHING to do with them….

  2. My dear, I dont care if you had burned it beyond recognition AND the pan along with it…. I don’t care if it caught on fire and in desperation you ripped it off the burner to fling it in the sink and douse it with water but tripped on an area rug sending it flying across the floor like a hockey puck, with it smoking in the process. There was nothing you could have done to deserve how he CHOSE to react. He was just using this too as an excuse, like he did anything else so he could justify in his warped and twisted mind what he did to you. You can’t understand it because there is NO understanding it.

    And I also dont care whether or not you can cook. Up to the point where Kevin began threatening to poison me, I didn’t cook much either. I learned out of necessity and he had a field day with that because it gave him even more ammunition.

    You are not the one who is broken, honey. No matter how badly you feel some days. You are NOT the broken one. Don’t ever, ever forget it.

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