Passive aggressive assholes

Why is it that I must remind myself that most people are not passive aggressive assholes toward me?  Why do I feel like people are trying to attack me without actually attacking me?

I am logical…and I can pin point my illogical thinking.  But I still think things that I know aren’t true.

Here are some examples…
Someone will say “I hate when girls think they look good when that don’t.”  Or “it is so annoying when girls wear clothes that are too small for them”.   Now ….logically I know I do not think I look good or am hott stuff….I also know my clothes aren’t too small…but here I am thinking of those comments like there is a hidden message.  There is none.  I know this…but I am still trying to find out if in any way it was said about me in front of me.

I guess having my husband talk so much shit to my face makes me think others do it as frequently.  But that don’t.  I know I wouldn’t do that to someone unless there was a REAL reason….even then I can’t think of a scenario in which I would do that



  1. very normal for what we go through with sociopaths. next time someone says that, ask them what they mean…that’s what I’ve started doing ’cause I know have to separate the wheat from the chaff… good luck 🙂

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