13 Feminists Talk About The Time They Hit A Guy

Thought Catalog

In reference to the editor who admitted she slapped a man for saying he thought he might have breast cancer, and the other editors confessing that her actions really made them laugh, a commenter agreed that it was very funny and then shared her own story of violence against men, which she understands is abusive. It got worse from there but every once in a while a voice of sanity popped in to call them out.

1. washlonfore

“Yes, that made me laugh really hard too. Very very hard.

I have slapped a man down before, quite hard, but I love him so I felt bad because, well, it’s abusive.”

2. HansCrosby

“The missus smacked me around a bit for the 3rd time in our 17 year marriage -i never even raised a finger -ever!

I left the adulterous, abusive bitch there and then -without saying a word and regained…

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