I am thankful for the abuse I endured

I never thought I would say that I am thankful for the bad times, the evil that was commited against me or the pain (physical, emotional, sexual) that I endured.  Never in a million years did I believe I would actually feel and BE thankful for it all.
I am thankful though.  In so many ways.
Had I not endured what I endured, I would not be who I am or know what I know.  I am a strong, brave, loving, kind and intelligent woman and mother. 
I aspire to inspire others.  To be a shoulder to cry on, to listen, to lead by example, to be a light in the darkness.  If I had not lived the horror…I would not truly understand what so many people deal with and how much they deal with when they are sexually abused as children or abused in so many ways in an intimate relationship or marriage.  I am thankful that God brought me out of the darkness and I will not keep silent.

Good will come out of the evil that was brought on me at the hands of the two men I loved the most (my father and my husband)


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