My greastest accompmishments of the last year

1.  I took my children and myself to a domestic violence shelter.
2.  I obtained a restraining order against my husband.
3.  I have had “no contact” with my abusive narcassistic husband for 10 months.
4.  I filed for divorce (and am trying to get full custody with my husband having no visitation)
5.  I am doing the “single mom” thing with a 3, 2, and 1 year old.
6.  I am setting healthy boundries with those around me.
7.  I say no when I need to.
8.  I have educated myself about domestic violence and abusers.
9.  I do not blame myself for the abuse.
10.  I love myself for the first time I can remember.
11.  I have reconnected with God.
12.  I have forgiven my husband
13.  I am content with my life even though it is far from perfect.
14.  I have became a calmer, more loving and more patient mother.
15.  I am honest.
16.  I am happy


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