Good things come to those who wait

Good things do come to those who wait, you do have to put in some leg work though.
I have changed my thinking, become content with how life is, realize the past is the past, rarely worry about the future and I am happy.  Nothing in my immediate circumstances has changed though.
I still live in a domestic violence shelter with our three kids, the divorce is still pending and I have no car, no job, no “home to call my own” and I am 1500 miles from all those I know and love.  Still…my mindset has changed and I am happy, healthy and positive.

Things are coming together for me though.  Finally…and I am thankful that my happiness was not based on things outside of myself.

Here are the things which are going well for me…
1. I have enrolled in college, I am waiting to see if I am accepted.
2. I am numbee one on the list for housing.
3. My husband was served divorce papers and he has until the 11th of this month to respond before he is in default and I am granted what I asked for.
4. I got a call and an appointment today for a free dental clinic that does extractions. I have so much tooth pain, broken teeth and my teeth absecess monthly. So that is awesome.


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