Positve feedback and sharing my story

Within the past 2 weeks I have had 4 staff members at the shelter tell me that they want to remain friends and in contact with me amd my kids after we leave.  Policy states that contact can resume if both parties wish to do so after a resident leaves the shelter and has been out of shelter for a year.  It makes me happy that they see how hard I am trying and that they believe I will continue on a good path when I leave.
I was also asked to write two articles.  The first was for the quarterly shelter newsleter and it was basically my thoughts about being in shelter (I will get a copy and post it in another blog).  The second article was my “success story and how being in the shelter has helped me end the cycle of abuse”
Just a few minutes ago I had a meeting for a news radio show and shared my domestic violence story and what life is like being in a shelter. 
It is crazy how all these oportunities are coming up for me to share my story and help othera.  God is good.


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  1. congrats!! I also was just featured in the newpaper and its amazing how people want to hear our story!! You are doing an amazing job and I am glad to be following you on your blog!

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