Redefining who I am

For perhaps the first time in my life, I am defining who I am, my own goals, and who I want to be.  At 28, I am finally free from abuse, harassment, intimidation and feeling responsible for the feelings of those around me. 

So who am I?  I am Brandi (last name withheld) an smart, caring loving woman and mother to three small children.  Since I cam remember, I have always wanted to help people.  My dreams have shifted from trauma surgeon, to emt, to fire fighter, to police, to corrections…and finally I have all but settled on probation officer, detective, and my final goal forensics (blopd splatter specialist etc).  I have a deep desire to help victims of crimes, to get justice for those who have been killed, as well as help those who commited unspeakable crimes.

In my free time, I love arts and crafts, learning to live within my means and rely on myself, as well as guiding my kids in their journey to fimd themselves and become productive loving adults.


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