It has been awhile…

Sorry I have not been blogging recently.  I recently have finished my first semester at the university (I am getting my criminal justice degree).  I got 4 A’s and a high B.  I must admit…I am disappointed.  But it is ok.  I just need to try harder next semester.

Anyway, I have finally moved out of the domestic violence shelter that my kids and I lived at for 11 months.  We didn’t get the nicest of places, but it is a place to call home.  Since my divorce, things have overall been calm.  I have my emotional moments, but all is well.  There has been zero contact with my now ex-husband, he does not know where we are and we are all safe.

I am finally at the place where I see my role in the past and where I want to overcome all of the deep issues.  I truly thought that after being away from him and safe for over a year that I would be “over” all of my issues.  The fact is that I realize now I have more deep rooted issues that I thought.  That is ok because realizing the issues and admitting them are the first steps toward overcoming them.

This blog (and my subscribers) have helped me get to the place I am right now and I think it is past due that I jump back in continue blogging my journey.

Much love,



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